Sweet pies including fruit and cream, savory pies, turnovers, and cookies. Berry Pie at Maui Pie

The best shave ice place on the island using fresh purees as syrups. Get one with mac nut ice cream on the bottom or li hing mui (salty dried plum) powder or mochi on top. Fill up a loyalty card enough for a complementary serving. Multiple locations around the island including Lahaina, Kahului, and Wailuku. Yelp Hawaiian Shave Ice at Ululani's

Asian Mexican fusion with Hawaiian twist. Good deals during Happy Hour. Haven’t been, but heard great things about it from friends. Yelp

Thai place recommended by a local food enthusiast. Haven’t been yet. Yelp

Picnic spot, childrens garden, farm animals, fresh produce farm stand, drinks, jams, sauces, baked goods, and seasonal fall pumpkin patch and U-Pick strawberries.Yelp

Farm to table fare associated with their organic farm in East Maui. Haven’t been, but have wanted to check it out. Yelp

Mom & pop restaurant opened in April 2016 by Chef Sheldon Simeon (Top Chef finalist). Haven’t been, but was mentioned by a local food enthusiast. Limited hours. Yelp

Farm to table fare by Jeff Scheer, Maui Chef of the Year 2015. Chef Scheer also hosts a chef table regularly which is popular. Located on the Maui Tropical Plantation. Yelp Chef's Table at The Mill House

A good place to stop on the way to or back from the Road to Hana serving burgers, pasta, tacos, salads, and of course, fish.Yelp

Good food and right by the water. More expensive, but especially great for a special meal. Polynesian Black pearl is a beautiful dessert with liliko’i (passion fruit) chocolate mousse. Yelp View at Mama's Fish House

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