“Photography is… a spontaneous impulse coming from an ever attentive eye which captures the moment and its eternity.” -Henri Cartier-Bresson

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We all have stories.

I enjoy discovering these stories.

I have seen old friends reminiscing through photographs over 50 years old, remembering and laughing like it had happened that morning even though they hadn’t seen each other for over four decades.

I have seen my grandmother’s memories wither away into the sunset of her life of over 90 years.

And I have been comforted by old photographs and videos of my father and times with him after our time together was cut short when he unexpectedly left this world one day.

I make photographs meant to tell stories beyond a lifetime aimed to bring back the moments like it was yesterday. I find those moments, gathering those treasures of time.

Five. Ten. Fifty. One hundred years later or more.

Capturing moments to love for all time.

For grandchildren to show their grandchildren.

P.S. I love exploring the world from San Francisco as my hub. In December 2013, I finished my quest to visit 7 continents in 7 years in five years.

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I picked up a film camera over half my life ago. Although I have training and experience with the black & white darkroom, I have been working in digital for almost half my life.


If you see a photograph you are particularly interested in, would like to commission artwork/photography, or would like to collaborate, please contact me with details and for more information.

Photo: Chuck Rose

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